Comprehensive & Custom Designed.

Strategic Business Planning

At Vita Intellectus, Our team understands the investment our clients make in their businesses. As your advocates, we are committed to ensuring that you reap the full rewards of that investment.

We help small-businesses owners get where they want to go. We guide our clients in setting clear goals, achieving them step by step, and translating their vision and hard work into professional and personal success.

Strategic Planning

Each business has its own vision, and its own path to growth. We listen carefully to your vision and help you to hone it. Then we analyze obstacles and opportunities in order to illuminate your path forward.

The Vita Intellectus team has years of experience advising business leaders on removing impediments to growth, harnessing efficiencies and launching growth initiatives—and doing so in the proper sequence.

Our strategic business planning advice is based not just on the knowledge of how businesses succeed, but also on an expert understanding of how economic conditions can influence tactical decisions.

Exit Consulting

Vita Intellectus crafts strategies to help business owners exit their firms while achieving their financial objectives. Our clients’ priorities include:

  • Maximizing financial return
  • Mitigating tax impacts
  • Transferring businesses successfully

As a holistic financial advisory firm, we have the ability to coordinate our clients’ business transitions with their personal financial goals. Specifically, we help business leaders grow and extract the amount of value needed to achieve personal objectives such as comfortable retirement, philanthropic giving or even “next acts” in their professional lives.

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