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Private Family Office


The original U.S. family offices were created by wealthy merchants early in the 19th century who hired trusted comrades or advisors to oversee their wealth and provide for their families while they were travelling. European history dates family office services in the form of private banks back 300 years.

Many of the top multifamily offices started out as single-family offices for well-known families. Rockefeller & Co., founded in the 1880s as John D Rockefeller's family office, was among the first to open its doors to outsiders in the 1980s


Families are looking for stewardship, trust and education. Without them, ultra high net worth families can erode wealth and become affluent at best in as little as three generations


Vita Intellectus believes the strategies and knowledge available to these iconic families, should and (through us) are available to common families. We therefore offer a unique combination of private family office services to keep the privacy of a single family office and scale of multifamily office. With our open architecture, transparency, fiduciary responsibility and intellectual capital we create customized solutions to transfer wealth beyond three generations by focusing on upholding the values the keep the family united.

Private Family Office goes beyond multi-generational wealth transfer, though. We look at it similar to running a company—the company of your family— where you are the CEO and we are the ones you trust to delegate to. We will guide you to clearly identify a solid foundation, strategic resource management, vision and conviction of where you want your family in the immediate and distant future, while we provide a meaningful experience and dedication to perpetuate your family legacy as we execute the agreed upon strategies. We will be extremely instrumental in navigating all of your family from the young to the oldest in their goals and desires. Even when the leaders of the families pass away, we will be here to counsel the next person in carrying the family torch.

In summary, we use the following in advising our families:

  • Investing to protect and grow capital over multiple generations.
  • Complex financial, estate and tax planning to achieve personal and financial objectives.
  • Oversight of foundations and charitable giving to ensure maximum impact.
  • Inter-generational education on wealth stewardship and family mission.

At Vita Intellectus, we take pride in the financial and practical results we lead our client families to achieve. But we’re equally gratified to provide a non-quantifiable service: building and fostering communication and harmony throughout families for generations. We believe with wisdom and clarity, clients will be empowered to bring simplicity to the complexities of life.

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