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Our Fees

Compensation models within the wealth advisory industry are changing, and at Vita Intellectus, we’re proud to be at the forefront of that change.

We refuse to accept investment sales commissions, which can pit an advisor’s financial interests against those of clients and erode trust. Instead, we earn advisory fees, within a flexible model designed to best accommodate each client’s unique needs.

Options include a fixed advice fee based on assets under management. This fee empowers us to provide comprehensive guidance on investments—but also the many areas in clients’ financial lives that are not related to investments.

We also provide clients the option of paying a fixed fee to cover advice on all assets within their estate—even those we do not manage directly. And clients may choose a performance-fee model, in which we are compensated in part based on our asset-management performance.

The financial advice industry has a history of using a rigid, advisor-first compensation model. At Vita Intellectus, we’re proudly helping to replace that model with one that clients deserve.

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